Stable mitigated images

Many stocks, making a variety of stock families, have a stable and average image range.
Here is an indicative table:


Depressive market

(mkt average img. = 0,6)

0,6 to 0,9

Neutral market

(mkt average img. = 1)

0,9 (1,1) 1,3

Buoyant market

(mkt average img. = 1,7)

1,4 to 1,8


pi-egg.gif Fairly cycle-resistant blue chips

They are stocks of companies having reached an impressive size, leaders or
co-leaders in their various markets. with quite integrated, balanced and not
too cyclical activities.

Their profit performances may be somewhat reaching a ceiling, but their good
management has avoided a decline.

pi-egg.gif  Fairly cycle-resistant good medium-size firms

They are rather well known firms that grow at least as fast as the whole economy
resist without too many problems in difficult periods. Their performances and
economic prospects, rather above those of the blue chips, stay well under those
of the steady emerging firms (see below).

pi-egg.gif  Defensive stocks, a refuge for the rainy days.

By definition, these firms have their sales and costs protected from economic
They supply bread and games, taking an example that goes back to the Antiquity.

Days and nights, through foul and fair stock market weather, their stocks keep
the same light-colored raincoat and the same dull image.

pi-egg.gif  Here come the dessert, our great hope: the steadily emerging stocks.  

They are intermediate species between emerging stocks and great growth stocks.
To identify those that are passing by, peep behind a hole in a newspaper and use
the following anthropometric sheet:


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Image families: 
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