Volatile mitigated images

Here is an indicative table for the "hot" stocks, characterized
by a high and wide image coefficient bracket..


Depressive market

(mkt average img. = 0,6)

0,4 to 0,7

Average market
(mkt average img. = 1)

0,7 (0,9) 1,2

Buoyant market
(mkt average img. = 1,7)

1,3 to 2,0

pi-egg.gif (104 octets) Some stocks get caught in a spotlight.  

We saw that some emerging, forgotten or special stocks are marooned at times
in the lower castes by the market.

But, here and there, some get thrown out of darkness. They enjoy, oh just a
little bit, the market favor. Their image shifts from unfavorable to mitigated.

May it last! But be cautious, situations are so changing!

pi-egg.gif (104 octets) Shooting stars (described above) becoming falling angels.

When starting to fall, they transit through the atmosphere's middle layer, get

burnt in it, and keep falling.

One could think that, having reached again the neutral zone of images, their
price is becoming a bit attractive. Some temporary pause or recovery may
make believe in a return to a better treatment.

Alas, for these routed stocks , recoveries are seldom, better not to dream
about it!

pi-egg.gif Erratic and cyclical stocks may also transit in the area.

Let us heat up a gas: its molecules start wriggling. A market heat wave
excites the image volatility of cyclical and irregular stocks. They soar
vigorously, but usually stay under the average market image. Except if
some market distraction or fad drives them in a foray into the mitigated,
or even sky-high images.

Their turnaround is so spectacular that the market upgrades temporarily
their image category, taking them for high growth firms.

pi-separ.gif (1205 octets)

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