The sky-high images (glamour stocks)' stratosphere

Here two indicative ranges, first the stable (s) ones , second the volatile (v) ones.


Depressive market

(mkt average img. = 0,6)

(s) 1,0 to 1,3

(v) 0,8 to 1,1

Average market

(mkt average img. = 1)

(s) 1,3 (1,6) 1,8

(v) 1,2 (1,4) 1,9

Buoyant market

(mkt average img. = 1,7)

(s) 1,8 to 2,5

(v) 2,0 to 3,0


pi-egg.gif (104 octets) Great growth stocks

Those are cult companies that have been successful in every respect for a
long time.

They show a linear, fast, endless earnings growth: at least 15% p.a. for
10, 20, 30 years, without dips or breaks, even during economic crisis.

=> There are good chances (but not 100%) that this Apollo rocket cum
      Swiss clock progression stays the same in the coming years.

pi-egg.gif Shooting stars are stocks experiencing a dazzling price rise. Here, love
     is not for long established, but strikes at first sight.

We may find various cases:

pi-arrig.gif Companies having experienced outstanding growth in the last 2-3 years.

They found a good mother lode, but who knows how long it may last?

pi-arrig.gif "Turnaround firms" and special situations (see further), with highly 

leveraged earnings.They give a good investment opportunity for some time.
But, one day, they reach their cruising speed. Some even suffer a backlash,
for example if they preferred short term to long term actions.

pi-arrig.gif Firms with magically successful management methods.

Some scandalous examples rise from time to time, and are not too easy to
detect beforehand. They are admired as long as few people ask questions
about these poker moves.

pi-arrig.gif At last, (see volatile mitigated images & volatile low images) "lottery tickets",
    "pre-emerging stocks" and "stocks for the future".

Although their fundamentals are not fully convincing, a fad is triggered by the
Spontaneously ...or through manipulation, it discovers or rediscovers in them some
mysterious future prospects.


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