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1. PURPOSE of our free Behavioral-Finance Group / forum

The BF forum explore new - theoretical and practical - approaches of finance, going
beyond the "efficient market hypothesis" shortcomings.

2. TOPICS of our free Behavioral-Finance Group / forum

Here are indicative topics on which members share information and opinions:

General: Behavioral finance / economics - Experimental economics / finance - Individual,
social and evolutionary psychology  applied to finance / economy - Adaptable markets

Investors behavior: Irrationality / bounded rationality / decision biases / heuristics - Role
    of cognition, attitudes, beliefs, emotions, automatisms. - Reactions to information 
    Investor types, styles, profiles
- Groupthink,  mimicry and herding -  Marketing of financial
    assets (customers' profiles, segmentation, motivations) 

Markets behavior: Price / return  anomalies, inefficiencies, distortions in distribution curves,
     asymmetries, clusters, trends, alternations -  Manipulations - Weak / neglected signals

Behavioral assets pricing / risk assessment / stock management
     Stock image (vs. volatility / risk premium) - Stock profiling - Extreme risks - Computational
     finance / quant analysis - Trading systems / methods - Nonlinear decision systems (using chaos /
     dynamical systems, fuzzy / non Aristotelian logic, neural nets...) - BF-related aspects of
     Technical analysis.

     (Those topics fit the group's purposes only, of course, when non commercial, and on
     condition that the underlying psychological elements are stated)

Administrative behavior : Public choice issues (behavioral public finance...) - Corporate or
     managerial behavior / governance,

Are considered improper topics:

* Esoteric "sciences", like astrology, herbal medicine, parapsychology, among others.

* And of course, better to say it again, Commercial spam and BF-unrelated messages.

3. ACCESS to our free Behavioral-Finance Group / forum's
    resources and tools

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Founded May 6, 2000. 
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4. Other free web resource linked to our BF Group

Peter Greenfinch's Behavioral Finance FAQ

BF Glossary with 500+ BF keywords

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