Behavioral Finance /
Behavioral Economics

(the new frontiers of Finance and Economics)

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A transcendental question before starting:
when money is at stake, can somebody be really rational?

Definition of
Behavioral finance / Behavioral economics,

and content of this website section


Behavioral Finance (BF) and

Behavioral Economics (BE) are

the application of individual and collective
to finance, and to economics (*).

(*) Click here for a short description of economics and finance.

Behavioral finance and behavioral economics

study how we behave with money, production,
work, spending, investment...

BF/BE is based on several types of researches, which deal
with various
subfields such as:

Behavioral finance / economics micro

aka "Psychological behavioral finance"
or more simply "Financial psychology".

It studies:

How investors make choices

And, as part of this decision process,
investor behavioral biases / errors,

Financial / economic behaviors
    and money attitudes in general

which often are not fully rational, in savings,
borrowing, insuring, tax management, gambling...

Behavioral finance / economics macro

aka "Quantitative behavioral finance". It studies:

The effects of those behaviors on financial markets,

and more generally on the economy, such as
anomalies & inefficiencies
on asset prices and returns

BF tries to detect and understand those biases / anomalies,
and if possible to use them in
investment strategies.

To find more complete definitions of BF, please look at the
links in chapter 2. below.

This section of our website gives an extensive range of information and
education items on this
financial / economic topic.

Here are the categories of contents presented below :

1. PURPOSE and TOPICS of our Behavioral Finance group

2.   Our free BF GALLERY:
        synthesis / glossary / FAQ / contributions

3.   A behavioral stock pricing tool: the STOCK IMAGE

4.   A mine of interesting RELATED SITE

5.   AUTHORS & BOOKS on Behavioral Finance

  1. PURPOSE and TOPICS of our free

      Behavioral Finance group 

We share information and opinions on financial approaches
going beyond the "efficient market hypothesis" shortcomings.

Our main information / discussion topics are:

More details about our discussion topics can be found at:
BF Group description

Join our free Behavioral-Finance forum

Founded May 6, 2000. Now over 1700 members
from all over the world

  2. Your free GALLERY:

   Behavioral Finance / economics glossary / FAQ
   Synthesis and contributions on BF

   FAQ / Glossary / dictionary / encyclopedia

( 500+ Behavioral finance / Behavioral economics
many as full articles, constantly completed
and updated! )


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And also

A short presentation of Behavioral finance
      in our
Main BF concepts tables

A bit more detailed general approach of BF essentials
     in our B-F synthesis pages


You can also do a comprehensive Word Search:

   In this website

   Or in our group messages: 1) click Behavioral-Finance group,

        2) click "messages", 3)enter your query in "search archives"

See also Martin Sewell's treasure chest of academic

All members are welcome to send their contributions
to enhance our collective encyclopedia.

 Post to the Behavioral-Finance group
   (if you are already a member)



the "Stock image"
+ some practical investor precaution tips

To find all details on the "Stock image" stock pricing tool,

click Behavioral Finance & Stock Image  (my site's front door)

Or, if you are already familiar with the method, click

Stockpricer to use our calculator to do a stock valuation.

For investor practical precaution tips (protection
   against biased behaviors)
see bfpractice

  4. A mine of interesting RELATED SITES, just a click away:

  Our BF group's "bookmarks"

  Or this website's "links" (a broader choice of
      financial sites, not only on BF)

  Not to forget the author's economic and financial
      articles written initially for the Knol Google encyclopedia
      and now integrated and upgraded in this site.

  5.  AUTHORS & BOOKS on Behavioral Finance

(also, a page under preparation to give a list of
universities with BF courses


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