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(human) Behavior

See behavioral biases, decision
making, psychology, social

What we do, or don't do, when
facing the current or foreseeable state of affairs.

Human behavior is a set of actions and reactions

When observing behaviors (how inquisitive ;-)) it would be reductive
to consider only reactions
(to external stimuli) and not all kinds
of actions, whatever their other origins (inner intentions, imagination,...).

Outside temperature and/or inside pressure can move the machine.

Although this is not Neuroscience 101 (see that word), let us say that those
moves are activated via various brain areas, the nervous system and inner
electric and chemical phenomena.

Some of those behaviors originate from conscious

decisions that involve:

* cognition (logic, knowledge...) and

* feelings / emotions (pleasure, pain...)

Others are unconscious, practically automatic

(habits, reflexes...),

  Others still are superficialy conscious (heuristics)

Well, behavior can also be passive by showing

indecisions, lacks of reaction and inactions.

Human behaviors are often not fully rational (see rationality) .

They are sometimes counterproductive, led by
  behavioral biases (see that phrase).

Behavioral (and related articles)

See the related page

Behavioral analysis

See behavior (above), behavioral
biases (below),
economics / finance

Why do we behave like that?

What makes us tick?

Definition (behavioral analysis in general):

BA - Behavioral Analysis is the study of individual and
collective behaviors in order to

Understand what cognitive, emotional or reflexive

  processes shape those behaviors,

  Detect the biases that can affect intentions,

perceptions, decisions and actions and can bring
damaging effects
, or at least suboptimal results.

Self-analysis can be a pathway for that quest.

"Know thyself", says the age-old philosophical motto.

Well, this site might help in that quest :-)

Behavioral analysis borrows various findings from psychology,
and more specifically from social psychology (see that phrase).

Definition (Behavioral financial analysis):
    see the related glossary article.

Behavioral bias

See the related page

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