Stock image, stock profiling
and other main BF concepts

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1. Stock images

The "stock image coefficient" is the mathematical relation
between its market price and its estimated economic

Each stock has an image coefficient range.

This range helps to evaluate its extreme potential prices
(example below)


  EEV / Estimated
 Economic Value

x Potential
 Image coefficient

=> PMV /
 Market Values



x 0,6


x 0,9


x 1,5

=   42

=   61

= 105

2. Stock families / stock profiling

Any stock fits (more or less) one family of market behavior.

There are about 15 stock families, sorted in 6 groups. 


Each group has its image coefficient range : see table . The links

inside that table lead to descriptions of the related families.

Using those descriptions, each stock can be profiled
    and its image coefficient range found.

3. Other BF concepts


4. Preliminaries: what is the stockmarket


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Image families:  [low stable]  [low volatile] [neutral stable]  [neutral volatile]  [high]

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