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This free site brings you:

Part 1: How to make stock valuations

   by using stock images

First, a quick summary

  The image of a stock is a coefficient that:

Measures the market's attitude / behavior towards
   the stock

Has for current value the stock price divided by its
   estimated economic value

Varies in time, inside a high/low bracket specific to
   each kind of stocks

Thus allows to define indicative high / low potential
for each stock.

Meet the image  

A bridge to potential market values

...Economic Value

A simple way to calculate it

...Image Levels & Factors

The market mood black box

...Stock Valuation sheet

An example using image coefficients

Instant Stockpricer

Make your own price estimates directly

...Valuing potential images

Image figures for each stock tribe

With practical details for valuing (and using) images

Image types

Spot each stock tribe / family and live happily
with it
(stock profiler's tool box)

...Image evolutions

Why do images move: additional data

...Image & new economy

New finance as philanthropy?

...Tales on image & B-F

Stories on image and behavioral finance (humor)

...Stock Management

From images to stock management objectives

...Simulations examples

Potential prices simulations

  Part 2: Behavioral finance, Behavioral economics,
                  and many more information

The Behavioral Finance / Economics
(Investment psychology)

Behavioral finance / economics, the
new frontiers of finance / economics!

. Plenty of BF / BE definitions

. Free access to our informative
   BF / BE forum / list

   My articles on Google Knol
(See detailed links below)

Clarification and new approaches
about Economics, society, finance,
management, psychology.

...Interesting Financial Links

Behavioral finance, stock markets...


Notes for readers :
     don't miss them !


Sold out, but the key aspects
are in this site

  Articles + readers' contributions. Thanks to submit yours!

* Are markets efficient?
* BF: will it last, or is it a fad?

* Dare to be dull in
   managing your assets
* Do investors biases cancel out?
* Finance & systems of Thinking
* Fuzzy finance & Soft Computing

* GDP-indexed Bonds
* Image & Manipulation

* Image & Stocks Screening

* Investors Profiles
* Mimetic Rational Expectations
* Probabilities, Utility, Decisions
   (money paradoxes)
* The imaginary value (humour)

* Weak Signals: Internet value chain...
What future for financial analysts?
*  ?? (waiting for yours)

  And here, several bonuses (yes, for you!)

Finance / business

Miscellaneous / Leisure

* News: Daily financial headlines

* Put some prospective in

   Financial analyses

* Stock profiling conference

* Marketing / Management:
   strategy, plan, control

* Economics & Finance: what are
   those things?

* The best anti-stress I know

* Confusioux's wits

* Daily cartoon + games: guess
   number, highway ant, create story

* Finance & gastronomy

* Hot topics

* 2009 BF calendar: investment
   behavior "precepts of the month"


Other texts in English (ex-Knol)

Collections of articles transferred to this site when Google Knol closed.

* Decision psychology articles

* Economic articles

* Finance / Investment articles

* Management / Marketing art.

* Society / Global issues articles

* All articles


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