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Book Titles (*)
Only books are mentioned in this table. 
For articles, working papers, additional books, see below (*)

Akerlof George A

No known book on BF (*)

Barberis Nicholas C

No known book (*)

Belsky Gary

* (+ Gilovich) Why smart people make big money mistakes...  (Simon & Schuster, 1999)

Broihanne Marie Hélène

(see Roger)

Camerer Colin



* Individual Decision Making. The Handbook of Experimental Economics  (Princeton University Press, 1995)

* Behavioral Game Theory. (Princeton University Press, 2003).

* (+ Loeweinstein + Rabin) Advances in Behavioral Economics,

(Russell Sage Foundation and Princeton University Press, 2003).

Cohen, D.

* Fear, greed and panic: the psychology of the stock market (Wiley, 2001).

(updated version of his 2000 book "Bears & Bulls").

To be checked: "Behavioral Trading: Methods for Measuring Investor Confidence, Expectations, and Market Trends", by Woody Dorsey (2004). 

Kahneman Daniel

* (+ Tverski) Choices, values and frames

* (+ Tverski) Judgement within uncertainties

Kindleberger Charles

* Manias, Panics and crashes: a History of Financial Crises (Wiley, third edition)

Fuller Russel J.

No known book (*)

Geist Richard A.

* (+ Lifson) The Psychology of investing (Wiley, 1999)

Gilovich Thomas

(see Belsky)

Greenfinch Peter

(see link)

Gruber Martin

No known book (*)

Goldberg Joachim

* Behavioral finance (Wiley, 2001)

Hirschleifer David C.

No known book (*)

Lakonishock Joseph

No known book (*)

Lee M.K

No known book (*)

Lifson Lawrence E.

(see Geist)

Loewenstein George

(see Camerer)

Mangot Mickaël

* Psychologie de l'investisseur et des marchés financiers (Dunod 2005)

Merli Maxime

(see Roger)

Montier James

* Behavioural Finance: Insights into Irrational Minds and Markets (Wiley, 2002)

Nofsinger John R.


* The Psychology of Investing (Prentice Hall, 2000)

* Investment madness (2001)

* Investment blunders (2002)

Odean Terrance

No known book (*)

Orlean Andre

* Le pouvoir de la finance (Editions Odile Jacob, 1999)

Pompian Michael M

* Behavioral Finance and Wealth Management (Wiley Finance, 2006)

Rabin Matt

(see Camerer)

Rekenthaler John

No known book (*)

Roger Patrick

* (+ Broihanne + Merli) Finance comportementale (Editions Economica, 2004)

Shefrin Hersh

* Beyond Greed and Fear (Harvard Business School Press, 1999)

Shiller Robert J

* Irrational Exuberance (Princeton University Press, 2001)

Simon Herbert

* Administrative behavior (Simon & Schuster, The Free Press, 1997)

Shleifer Andrei

* Inefficient markets: an introduction to behavioral finance (Oxford University Press, 2000)

Statman Meir

No known book (*)

Stein J

No known book (*)

Thaler Richard H


* The winner's curse: paradoxes and anomalies of economic life

* Advances in behavioral finance (1993)

* Quasi-rational economics (Russel Sage foundation, 1994)

Tverski Amos

(see Kahneman)

Vishny Robert

No known book (*)

Womack Kent

No known book (*)

(*) Articles & working papers:

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Finance bookshop (MoneyScience)

Related topics (neurosciences, complex systems, social psychology, philosophy of risk...)

Bernstein Peter L.

* Against the gods: the remarkable story of risk (Wiley, 1996)

Carter Rita

* Mapping the mind

Damasio Antonio R

* Descartes error: Emotions, reason and the human brain

Pinker Steven

* How the mind works

Sornette Didier

* Why Stock Markets Crash: Critical Events in Complex Financial Systems (2002)

Taleb Nassim Nicholas

* Fooled by randomness


Books in French (finance comportementale)

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