8. Important for readers

  Is there more to know?

I hope you find this site, a documentary resource at your free disposal online
whenever you need it, interesting and useful.

I try to improve and complement its content constantly.

My treatise-guidebook "Concept d'image appliqué à l'évaluation des
actions" (
sorry, published only in French and now out of print)
more details about stock valuation, but, gradually, I entered them more and
more in this website.

Also I added various article on finance, economics, psychology, society
and other topics, notably those I wrote for the knol encyclopedia.

About the behavioral finance topic, this site has a leading position on the

Of course, the links page gives access to a broad selection of complementary
as well for academics and professionals than for the general public.

  About the author, Peter Greenfinch   

I have a long, varied and high level practice of finance, banking, management /
marketing and international consulting.

I would be pleased to receive your comments, suggestions, questions.
Please send them by pi-mail.gif (1636 octets) and/ or participate to our

Behavioral Finance
discussion group/ mailing list.

  Let us foster innovation together!

Reader's contributions fill progressively a site section on still under-explored
subjects:behavioral finance & economy, fuzzy finance & economy, weak
signals, types of probabilities, investor decisions, ideas for new financial
assets, dynamical and emerging systems...

Please tell me if you find these subjects worth exploring further, and send your

Either by or better via the Behavioral Finance forum.

The more innovative, the more chance they have to appear here (with your
name or nick, and a link to your site if you have one).

I would like this site to differ from some research journals that
often judge papers on how they abide to existing paradigms and
standard research methods.

Half-cooked ideas are welcome, and one can lead to another.

True research has to find new paths, precisely those where nobody
knows for sure where they lead.

The counterpart is obviously that criticism is welcome also.

And, although a believer in serendipity (discovery by accident),
I don't go as far as to consider, in relation with the Murphy law,
that "all discoveries were made by mistake"


Site initial launching date: 20 Aug. 1999.

Copyright © 1999-2015 Peter Greenfinch. All rights reserved.

Contain extracts from the treatise (Copyright © 1997) mentioned above.

You may take one copy for your PERSONAL use. And give short
quotations, stating the source.

To reproduce, translate or represent more contents (or to frame any
content or page in another site), you need the author's prior consent.


This site is only for informational, educational and research

It should not be construed as a solicitation or an offer to buy or sell any

Readers must be conscious that

* The domains covered are complex and constantly evolving

* Markets are, by their nature, always risky.

Past performance does not guarantee future performance.

The information and methods are given without warranties of any kind
and are subject to change without notice.

Under no circumstances the author will be liable for any loss or damage
caused by reliance on them.

The same apply to any content found on links to outside web sites.

The author cannot contact all web sites this one links to
(particularly if pages are linked by search engines and other websites).

If you have any concerns regarding links to your site please contact me.

This supersedes all previous notices and agreements.


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