Daily Cartoon + Games

(Guess a number, highway ant, build a story...)


1. Daily Cartoon

 Click below "Today's Cartoon"

1) Browse for other cartoons with  the Left icon below the cartoon, 
2) Come back to our site by using the "Back" arrow at the top of your screen.

Daily Cartoon provided by Bravenet
Daily Cartoon provided by Bravenet


2. Game: Guess a number

  Enter a first guess:

1) Enter a range of numbers ("from" / "to"), 1b) Press "start", 

2) Choose a number inside that range, 2b) Press "guess".

See if it is the right one.

1 - Range of numbers (i.e. from 1 to 1000)
2 -Your guess  

Free JavaScripts provided
by The JavaScript Source

  As long as your number is wrong, do new attempts:

1) Change the range accordingly to the message,

1b) Press "start",

2) Choose a new number,

2b) Press "guess"

See if it is the right number,

See how many attempts it took you to find the right one.


3. Have an ant build a highway

Click http://www.math.ubc.ca/~cass/www/ant/ant.html

 and then click "Run" at the bottom of the grid,

Then, see how the ant

- At first moves randomly,

- After one or a few minutes decides to build a highway.

This is the "Langton mathematical puzzle" or "Langton ant",

which until now nobody could explain and which gives a glimpse to what is a

"mathematical attractor" starting from chaos and leading

when crossing a "critical threshold" to self organization and emergence.


4. Build a (strange) story

Click our story page.

Then enter your name and sex.
    A random story about you will be generated,
    among over 1 billion possible ones.

(Courtesy of Benjamin M. Joffe)


Last update: 23/11/14  
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