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About decisions and behavior

  • "Always" and "never" are binary words that practically always I practically never use

  • Before making a decision, sleep over it, even if it makes you sleepless.

  • If you smile without any reason, some idiots will consider you as an idiot.
    It is a way to detect them.

  • Decide with your head, your heart, your guts, your feet. Or just ask your spouse.

  • Not to get fried, stay underground, potatoes tell us

  • Secret agents never talk, as they say.

  • Speculation is to decide according to how we see the future. Human beings do it all
    the time, which is why they differ from lettuces.

  • Pity the confusion of the mad chameleons that endlessly adapt their color to one

  • Boredom is a factory with two lines of products: wise ideas and silly impatient moves.
    When bored, press the right mental button!

  • Mistakes come from bad cognition (reasoning, memory), emotional biases or
    automaticity   (habit, reflex..). For a big mistake, better combine the three.

About money

  • Inventing money gave birth to arithmetic, writing, and thus History. A small step
    for the purse, a big step for mankind!

  • Money is the Swiss army knife of the economy. Have it in your pocket, or have a bank
    carry it for you.

  • To cancel out the pain due to losing one euro you have to gain at least two euros (just
     paraphrasing the "prospect theory" from Nobel prize Daniel Kahneman).

  • Many consider that a problem that can be solved with money is not a problem (stolen).

  • A fool and his money get soon parted away (stolen also, not the money but the quote ;-)

  • Do deep pockets make smart? Or does smartness make deep pockets? Until now,
    science did not find any hint of a correlation!

  • The two legs of the market. are short term traders and long term investors. 
  • When one takes the primacy, the random walk might not be that random!

About knowledge and uncertainty

  • The main obstacle to knowledge is not ignorance but the absence of doubts.

  • To have doubts about uncertainty is not enough to be certain.

  • Better feel uncertain about certainties, as uncertainty is more certain.

  • To be uncertainty averse is to be afraid or what we don't know what to be afraid of.

  • All along your life you have to learn, which needs efforts, and sometimes to
    de-learn, which needs much more efforts.

  • Some people are trying to know what you think they think about what you think.
    This makes it a bit hard not to disappoint them.

  • As a personal hygiene, I don't leave my neurons be contaminated by favorite quotes.
     I prefer to invent my own platitudes. You are welcome to make this ...your
    favorite quote.

  • Kant found it hard to swallow all what was said about reason. Like me he expressed
    some criticism. But we worked separately and never took a beer together.

About society

  • Globalization is the world becoming itself.

  • The human beings own the society but the society does not own the human beings.

  • The purpose of an enclosed economy is to lead to an enclosed society in which the citizens
     close their mouth.

  • A government supported by the poor might logically want to have more poor people.
    It does not mean that one supported by the rich would want more rich people.

  • The day there are more politicians than citizens, the citizens will run the show,
    thanks to rarity.

  • Walking on the moon was a big step for mankind. To have all national days fall on the
    same day would be a bigger one.

  • Identity is the road to conformity. Nobody is identical to somebody else. Cloning
    will not change it.

About arts and sciences

  • Art without creation is dead beauty

  • Neither intelligent design nor survival of the fittest explains the existence of the taxpayer.

  • On planets that rotate fast and where the night fall any other second, strobe lamps
    sell like hot pies.

  • Strange that what is called space travel is done in vehicles that have no more space
    than a closet.

  • Bayesian probabilities tell, contrarily to the standard laws of randomness, and to a
    general opinion, that a dead cat cannot die again, even less seven times.

  • Buses are sausages of compressed human beings. Some of them fly and are called planes.

  • Intensive research in neuroeconomics has detected many behavioral biases.
    Expect that lawmakers declare similar research in neuropolitics politically incorrect.

  • Einstein thought that God does not play dice with the Universe. It is true that no
    cubic planets have ever been detected.

Confusioux's thoughts (French and English collections)

Partie 1 (A-L)

Partie 2 (M-Z)



Autres (ex Knols en français)

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