Anti stress and shortcut to wisdom

Make your neurons smile to calm down
your emotions and find the good solutions

Here is a quite simple physical attitude
that calms down emotions and helps to think positively

It is a powerful tool to solve problems and to find opportunities.

The best anti-stress I know

With a double effect:
It can also  equil calm down our emotions.

Want smart neurons? 
Make them happy!
A very broad sm smile, purely physical,
and really from ear to ear (*),

imitating a hearty laugh
has the advantage,
also purely physical, to block 
your conscious thinking
for a clock while.
And when we stop for a time to think,
then sub-consciousness, calm, lucidity, instinct
and - cherry on the cake - added wisdom,
take over,
immediately or some time later

(not to mention the beneficial effects on the health)

(*) Don't even think to feel happy

Just be interested in the muscular feat

      Why hesitate?

Afraid to look childish?
Other people's problem, not yours!

Bonus: emotion control

Clever people have no desire (Lao-Tse) (**)
(**)  This does not mean to abandon any goal,
but not to be a slave of emotions.

However useful emotions are by driving us to act,

thus to avoid passivity, they have to be tamed by reason.

The above "smile" trick helps in that, by cooling the mind.
It acts as a signal sent to our brain,
(our little "neuro-transmitters" chemical warehouse),
asking it to switch
chemical  from adrenalin, a stimulant,
  to norepinephrin, a relaxing chemical.
              letting our neurons performing calmly "in the
their subconscious analysis of the

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