Psychology of decision
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by Peter Greenfinch
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k7e-behavioraleconomics.html (behavioral economics)
k9e-econpsyprevision.html (economic psysvhology and prevision)
k10e-moneyfinpsycho.html (money and finance psychology)
k11e-marketpsyefficiency.html (market psychology vs. efficiency)
k12e-decismakingtrap.html (decision making and its traps)
k14e-problemsolving.html (problem solving)
k15e-behavioralbiases.html (behavioral biases)
k18e-rationalitybehav.html (rationality / rational behavior)
k22e-herdmentalbehav.html (herd mentality / behavior)
k23e-socmimicherding.html (social mimicry /herding)
k24e-herdbehavinstinct.html (herd behavior / instinct)
k25e-heuristic.html (heuristic)
k26e-needspreferences.html (needs and preferences)
k27e-riskaversionpremium.html (risk aversion / premium)
k28e-probability.html (probability)
k29e-mentalbias.html (mental bias)
k31e-investorpsych.html (investor psychology)
k38e-fuzzylogic.html (fuzzy logic)
k40e-reacmisreacinfo.html (reaction / misrreaction to information)
k41e-automaticitybias.html (automaticity bias))
k53f-traverscomportem.html (travers comportemental)
k58e-commitendow.html (commitment endowment traps)
k59e-beliefillusattrib.html (belief illusion rationalisation attribution)
k60e-mentalshortcuts.html (mental behavioral shortcuts)
k68e-delusoverconf.html (delusion illusion overconfidence)
k69e-perceptrepres.html (how we perceive / represent)
k70f-percevrepres.html (comment on perçoit / représente))
k73e-mentalanchoring.html (mental anchoring)
k96e-bewareinvesttrap.html (beware investment traps)
k101e-noeticnoosphere.html (noetic noosphere)
k102e-stresswisdom.html (anti stress express wisdom)
k110e-parabprospect.html (parable prospect theory)
k112e-expertpower.html (excessive experts powers)
k119e-unintendpervhaz.html (unintend/perv.eff. mor.haz)
k139ef-sageconfusioux.html (wisdom confusioux)
k142e-stockemotintel.html (traders emotional intelligence)

See also The Behavoral economics / finance gallery with its extensive glossary.

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