Economic (*) articles
in English

by Peter Greenfinch
that migrated from Google Knol to this website in March 2012

(*) in the broadest sense, including practical applications
and related social and psychological aspects

The k... number relates to the creation date

k7e-behavioraleconomics.html (behavioral economics)
k9e-econpsyprevision.html (economic psysvhology and prevision)
k10e-moneyfinpsycho.html (money and finance psychology)
k16e-uncertaintyeconomic.html (uncertainty a key econ. factor)
k17e-riskuncertainty.html (risk and uncertainty)
k20e-econutility.html (economic utility)
k26e-needspreferences.html (needs and preferences)
k28e-probability.html (probability)
k33e-systemiccrisisrisk.html (systemic crisis / risk)
k34e-overleveragedebtrisk.html (overleverage debt / finance risk)
k35e-overconfregulation.html (overconfidence in regulation)
k36e-markettrendcycle.html (market trend / cycle)
k37e-marketbubblecrash.html (market bubble / crash)
k43e-dynamicalsystem.html (dynamical systems evolutions)
k44e-yinyangcursoreco.html (yin yang cursor economics)
k45e-valutilityprice.html (value utility price)
k47e-liquiditycrisis.html (liquidity crisis)
k49e-limiteseconmodels.html (limits economic models)
k51e-worldcrisisinstitutions.html (world crisis / institutions)
k52e-newcapitalism.html (new capitalism)
k58e-commitendow.html (commitment endowment traps)
k82e-compoundreturn.html (compound return present value)
k88e-whatismoney.html (what is money)
k112e-expertpower.html (excessive experts powers)
k113e-soverdebtturmoil.html (sovereign debt crisis)
k119e-unintendpervhaz.html (unintend/perv.eff. mor.haz)e)
k129e-worldcurrency.html (towards world currency)
k131e-factprodeconvalue.html (factors prod econvalue)
k136e-defcapital (what is the capital)
k153e-innovstrateg (innovation and development)

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