Marketing Strategy: keeping
and gaining market territories

Adjusting the business to the market

The marketing strategy is about keeping and gaining market territories.
It is a crucial aspect of the general strategy and the business plan.

The choices this strategy makes, together with market study findings,
help define the marketing mix and the marketing plan

Battle ready? Make marketcustomers your allies!


The same than an army has its strategy strategy....

It usually fits some political goals (to win a war, conquer or defend
disable an enemy, keep restive young people busy,
divert the attention
from tricky internal issues, or any other

...a business (or any institutions having something to offer) has its (more
own one.

Its marketing strategy, a key component of its general strategy and a
decisive factor in the business war, tries usually to fulfill three goals:
  • To satisfy its customers / users,
which is the only justification of the business existence
  • To win (and keep) market territories, 
if not, that business will at the end vanish from the map,

And as "the winner takes all.",
this often implies to get a market
leadership (measured usually by the market share), or at least
a co-leadership (which leaves enough choice to raise the customers'
interest and brings emulation for the firm) in targeted activities
(products / services, customer segments, geographical areas...).
  • To develop profitable activities on those markets.

Marketing strategy and general strategy

The marketing strategy is a crucial element of the general strategy
of most businesses.

In fact, the marketing strategy derives from:
to simplify, it is the overall satisfaction-making & money-
system (for its stakeholders, owners and staff to start
with) on which the business is based.
which defines what factors to combine to reach the business

At the same time the marketing strategy helps
tool adjust / refine that
general strategy (and in some cases, the business model).
An iterative process!

Always remember that a business model, a business strategy and of
course a marketing strategy should place customer satisfaction
as the priority of priorities
This satisfaction is what "creates economic
gem value".
=> To make hard money (in order to pay the staff, the investors...)
      should be
a consequence, not the primary goal.

As t
he customer is king, he has the right of life and death on the business.
If you make and sell pajamas, you better sleep under the customers
beds , of course without hidden motives, to know how happy they
are with his/her pajamas!
Not only making present customers satisfied is crucial, but future ones
to be found also, as society changes.
Your customers that still enjoy the stage coaches you sell or lease
might be happy, the problem is that
people who ride stage coaches
get harder to find nowadays ;-)

The associated tools and areas

1) The first thing to do is to microscope analyze:
  • The (existing and prospective) customer situations and needs (*)
  • This "market study" is usually done on specific customer segments.
They are groups of customers and / or prospects with similar
traits and buying attitudes.

Age, profession, location, or better, buying habits, help identify
those segments
=> The analysis helps to choose those to targets and,
       their detected or predicted needs
which ones to take care
Precautions are necessary when using the analysis results, as
attitudes and habits can change.
  • The existing and projected products and services,

    • And more specifically their attractions and capabilities,
  • The promotion, distribution and selling abilities.
  • And generally the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats
(SWOT analysis) in those various areas.

2) To build the marketing strategy, by taking into account the above
is a task that needs to make specific marketing management

They are related to
* the marketing mix and
* the marketing objectives, means and organization

That strategy helps build an action plan for a given period.
      It is what is called the marketing plan, which is itself a part of the
       general business plan.
  • The marketing plan adresses mostly
clockshort term actions / objectives.
  • The marketing strategy has to include also
          plancalend longer term objectives  (to develop future products...).

=> For details, see the main article on the topic:

        Marketing plan

  (sample / échantillon)

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