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Jan/01 11:03 PM Canada 
Hse (FV)
Jan/03 3:37 PM France Nice Universite De Nice Sophia Antipolis (FV) 
Jan/05 5:19 PM France Paris Universite Paris1 Pantheon Sorbonne (FV)
Jan/05 5:28 PM  France Paris Credit Du Nord (FV)
Jan/05 7:05 PM  France Strasbourg  Universite De Strasbourg (FV)

Jan/13 3:30 PM United States  New York Societe Generale (FV)
Jan/13 3:58 PM France
Renault (FV)
Jan/13 4:12 PM France Strasbourg Euro Information (FV)
Jan/13 4:32 PM United Kingdom  London Vanco / Unisys Heathrow
Jan/13 4:45 PM United Kingdom Manchester University Of Manchester

Jan/13 6:49 PM France
Total s.A (FV)
Jan/13 10:56 PM United States Woodbridge  Merck and co. inc (FV)
From the first days of January
Most French Top regional academic rectorates (FV)
Jan/14 5:22 PM United States Naperville Lucent Technologies Inc
Jan/14 5:54 PM France Bordeaux Universite De Bordeaux Departement Tic (FV) 

Jan/15 2:04 PM France Paris Chambre De Commerce Et D'industrie De Paris (FV) 
Jan/15 3:36 PM Canada Montreal Mcgill University
Jan/16 1:37 PM France
Commissariat A L'energie Atomique (FV)
Jan/16 5:16 PM  France
Ecole Superieure D'electricite Supelec
Jan/17 9:25 AM France Paris Caisse Nationale Des Caisses D'epargne Et De Prevoyance  (FV)

Jan/19 10:16 AM France Paris Sncf Dist Xif
Jan/19 6:00 PM France Paris Universite Paris Dauphine (FV)
Jan/22 1:52 PM France Toulouse Universite Toulouse 1 Sciences Sociales (FV)
Jan/30 2:46 PM France Paris Natexis
Feb/03 9:45 AM Hong Kong Hong Kong The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Feb/03 2:36 PM France Paris Assurances Generales De France Systemes D'information (FV)
Feb/04 2:33 PM France Paris Assistance Publique Hopiteaux De Paris
Feb/04 2:38 PM United Kingdom Preston Preston College
Feb/04 2:39 PM France Paris Ratp Sit
Feb/04 4:35 PM France Paris Ministere De L'economie Des Finances Et De L'emploi

Feb/09 9:33 AM United States Baltimore Johns Hopkins University
Feb/09 5:19 PM United States Burbank Disney Worldwide Services Inc
Feb/10 10:02 AM United Kingdom
Ernst & Young
Feb/10 12:18 PM France Nanterre Electricite De France
Feb/12 3:22 PM United Kingdom
Nyse Euronext Technologies

Feb/13 8:48 AM France Paris Fondation Nationale Des Sciences Politiques (FV)
Feb/13 8:52 AM France Paris Caisse Garantie Immobilier Fnaim
Feb/16 5:24 PM France Paris Groupe Essec
Feb/18 1:48 PM France Paris Reseaux Psa
Feb/18 5:23 PM Canada Ottawa Public Service Commission Of Canada

Feb/18 5:32 PM Switzerland Lausanne Ecole Hoteliere Lausanne
Feb/21 10:11 PM 169.253.194. United States Washington U.S. department of state
Feb/27 4:42 PM Canada Montreal City Of Montreal
Mar/04 7:25 PM United States North Andover  Schneider Automation Inc
Mar/04 10:25 PM Canada Quebec Gouvernement Du Quebec (government Of Quebec)

Mar/06 2:52 PM France Strasbourg Universite De Strasbourg
Mar/09 10:05 AM United States New York Pfizer Inc
Mar/10 6:00 PM France Grenoble Grenoble Cci Esc
Mar/12 3:17 PM France Paris Universite Paris Iii Sorbonne Nouvelle
Mar/17 3:38 PM France Paris Fr Services Premier Ministre

Mar/18 3:21 PM France France Centre National De La Recherche Sientifique Siege
Mar/21 2:25 PM France
Ecole Normale Superieure De Cachan
Mar/25 4:49 PM France Paris Groupe Express Expansion
Mar/25 5:38 PM France Paris Banque Nationale De Paris Bnp (FV)
Apr/06 6:56 PM United Kingdom
Pricewaterhousecoopers Gts Uk

Apr/11 2:31 PM France Paris Bibliotheque Interuniversitaire Sainte Genevieve Paris
Apr/14 2:26 PM France Paris Credit agricole s.A
Apr/16 5:47 PM France Paris Oecd Organisation For Economic Co Operation And Development 
Apr/17 3:28 PM Germany
Basf It Services Gmbh Ludwigshafen
Apr/24 1:49 PM France
Criter/computer Sciences Center

May/11 1:55 PM
Arcor Ag
May/29 10:12 PM United States Glendale Bank Of America
Jul/15 2:27 PM France Paris Credit agricole s.A
Jul/17 1:54 PM France France
Onera Office National D'etudes Et De Recherches Aerospatiales
Jul/21 11:00 PM United Kingdom Cambridge University Of Cambridge

Jul/30 5:20 PM Austria Vienna United Nations Office At Vienna
Sep/10 6:41 PM United Kingdom
Hsbc Bank Plc
Sep/16 5:39 PM Germany Berlin Deutsche Nationalbibliothek
Sep/25 12:10 PM United Kingdom
Edinburgh University
Sep/30 12:05 PM United States Santa Clara Intel Corporation

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